Speaking Engagement Reviews

It was a pleasure having Suzy speak at the WOW Summit. Her talk was inspiring and resonated with many of the attendees, and it sparked many conversations long after the event was over. I would love to have the chance to have Suzy back at our event in the future!

Annie Douglass
Chief Mom Ambassador, Moms Meet www.greenmomsmeet.com
May Media Group, LLC

Beyond the Bus Stop

Suzy Stauffer author “Beyond the Bus Stop: Balancing Motherhood & Your Dreams ” is AMAZING. I know it’s cliche to say that someone is an angel among us but she truly is one. . She “gave” us permission to dream without feeling guilty. What makes you feel good? Create a To Do List for 2015 then break that list down to smaller task. What do you need to do this month, this week and then today?
She really spoke to me. I remember having to escape my house. I felt after growing our family from one to four that I was drowning and quickly losing myself. After talking to my Husband and my inner circle, I realized that I need a break. Through a series of events, I was blessed to run off to Bermuda for a week.
What Moms are saying after hearing Suzy speak about her story & inspiring them to go Beyond the Bus Stop

  • Suzy brought me to tears! Felt good to connect with others and realize what I am going through is normal! No more guilt!
  • This was a good workshop, I think their message is much needed. This is one session I’ve continued to think about at home.
  • OMG this was an eye opening workshop for me. I found that not only could I be mom but I could be the person I was before I became a mom. The adult person I was meant to be.
  • I loved their advised. I am reading Suzy’s book and taking her advised to balance life and to feel confident.
  • It made me really think about doing something for myself and that it is not a bad thing. I enjoyed it.
  • Suzy was so personable and down-to-earth. What she had to say and the message that she shared was so relatable and so real. Thoroughly enjoyed Suzy!
  • Suzy made me take a step back and realize that I am putting a band aid on the sadness I feel because its not good for the kids to see. Since listening to her speak, I have made more time for myself.
  • Found it very encouraging – felt like we were on the Oprah show having breakthrough moments!
  • I thought Suzy was so real during that time it made me cry just listening to her story/journey.
  • It was an inspiring, life changing, and one of my best moments of the weekend.
  • It was very good and it’s nice to hear I’m not the only mom trying to find herself.
  • Suzy not only speaks from the heart to motivate, but she has a gift in inspiring ALL women with something that can benefit them in all areas of life!
  • I was incredibly touched by her story and I was inspired by her determination to be a better mother and help others. I realize the importance of taking time for yourself and having dreams. I feel fortunate to be in her presence and she made the trip worth it.
  • You tube VIDEO of Presentation for OPT IN for those who missed it.