Meet Suzy

Suzy Stauffer, M.Ed. After having a successful career in education she decided to be a stay at home mom. While at home, she realized there was more to her than just being a mom. By making herself a priority again she was able to become the woman and role model she wanted to be for her children. Suzy balances her childhood dream of working in television production while raising her kids. She has done projects for the Food Network, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, DreamWorks and Travel Channel. Suzy shares her expertise by coaching women on how to achieve that balance between being a mother and paying attention to their own personal goals, dreams and healthy lifestyle changes. Co-Author of the book Women First Mothers Second. Suzy has been featured on the Today Show, Dr. Oz, QVC, Huffington Post Live and the Philly 10 Show. She has also been in the New York Times, New York Post, Kiwi Magazine, First for Women and Ladies Home Journal. Suzy shares her inspirational message for events like Kiwi Magazine’s WOW Summit and Survive ‘N’ Thrive Conference.

About Beyond the Bus Stop


Suzy Stauffer, M.Ed. lives her life in relentless pursuit of excellence. She is a mother, mentor, coach, author and speaker. Suzy mentors clients to reach their personal goals in business, marriage and healthy lifestyle changes. After a successful career in education, Suzy pursued her dream career in television and film production. She has done projects for Discovery Channel, Food Network, Travel Channel, DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, NFL, NBA, NHL and commercials. Suzy has appeared on the Today Show, KYW-TV, CBS, QVC, Inside Edition, TLC, Ladies Home Journal, First for Women, New York Times, Success Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine. She is also a Star Diamond Coach with Team Beachbody and leads a national team of coaches. Suzy invites you to join her in your pursuit of personal excellence.


I am often asked where the idea for Beyond the Bus Stop came from. It was after suffering from post-partum depression that I realized my quest to be “a perfect mom” had distanced me from myself. I chose at that time to leave a career to stay home with my three children. I was talking to a friend about some enlightening things and she mentioned she wears her Pajamas to the bus stop. I was astounded that other moms were in such a rut too. She tried to reassure me by sharing, “I do have clothes for Beyond the Bus Stop!”

It was that moment I realized while life at the bus stop is the reality for many moms, a whole other life beyond it requires something special. I decided to figure out the solutions to help other mothers discover that balance between being a mom and being an individual so that all moms can reconnect with themselves again.



Learning to go Beyond the Bus Stop Life List enabled me to powerfully hear my inner voice for the first time in years.

I learned I was responsible for my happiness and I had the power to awaken the sleeping desires within me. I started making a Beyond the Bus Stop Life List , took more risks, and most important, asked others for help