7 Steps to Make Peace with Your Body Now

I spent years thinking and speaking negatively about my body. I was tortured by the images I saw in the media and constantly compared myself to others. Then one day I had enough and decided to take action in my life and embrace my body. It was not easy and often very awkward to break old thinking patterns. But, my quality of life depended on it. Here is the process that I started with and I encourage you to take action now. Make the decision to take back your life by first making peace with your body. Are you ready?

If so, DO NOT SKIP this step.

I have to ask you these questions before you can move onto what will bring you closer to peace with your body! Take out a pen and piece of paper.

• How would your life be different if you made peace with your body?

• What other issues would you have time to address?

• How would this peace change how you carry yourself or how you present yourself?

• Would it get you closer to achieving those things you want in life?

• What kind of positive influence would you have on others in making peace with their bodies?

• How would your healthy attitude influence your self-esteem and confidence?

Now, that you got real honest with yourself let’s move on to the steps that I know if followed will begin to bring you authentically closer to your true self. The authentic self that is screaming to get out and be heard maybe even for the first time if you were like me.

Embrace each step like your life depended on it:

  1. Willingness to Accept Yourself: To learn how to be comfortable is to learn how to be your true self. It requires you to accept yourself right at this very moment. Clearly, if you are reading this then you are ready to fully embrace your true self. That means the good, the bad and the ugly. Accepting these traits as positive because you have years of information right inside of you. Years of knowing who you are yet avoiding your true self by focusing on other things and other people. It is an easy distraction and cop out to focus on what we don’t like about body rather then addressing our true feelings and experiences. You will begin to have peace with your body once you fully are willing to have it all.

  2. Get Naked: Yes! Stand in front of the mirror naked and start looking at your body closely. No more avoiding the mirror like it is your enemy. Look at your body and honor it the way it is right now. Understand how you got here and accept that there is nothing wrong. All the choices you made have led you to this very moment. It is time to discover the things you like and consider improving the things that no longer serve you. This may be the hardest thing you have done in a long time. But, move around and check yourself out and if a negative thought comes to mind just let it go. Just tell yourself not thanks it is time to move on to a new way of relating to your body. I can tell you sex will be way better once you accept your body! Then you can get my Looking Good Naked Guide to learn my simple secrets.

  3. Honor Your Body: Come on, it is time to make your needs a priority. You do so much for everyone else and avoid doing the things you need. This starts with the basics like sleep, shower, healthy eating, exercise, more sex, and confidence. Confidence comes from being in control of your life and scheduling time for your needs. Your body works hard and deserves to be taken care of with respect. If you aren’t going to honor and respect your body how can you expect anyone else to? Take out your calendar and start setting time aside for you to do the things you love and to care for your body.

  4. A Positive Mind: This is the most powerful step of all. We may not feel we have control over everything in our lives but we totally have control over our mind. We get to choose the thoughts and views we have. I highly suggest reading personal development books, write in a journal or blog, learn new things and do what you love more often. Surround yourself with positive people. A positive attitude is very infectious and can help you improve your outlook on life, your body and the embrace the relationship of the two.

  5. Be Authentic: Most importantly never depend on the approval of others for your beauty. Peace with your body comes from connecting with your inner beauty and true self. So many people spend years running away from themselves that no wonder we all feel so disconnected from our bodies. Your body and mind are connected and you neted to treat it like you would treat someone you love.

  6. Get Moving: You already know this but exercise and healthy eating will help you get control of your life and make you feel better then you can imagine right now. The number one thing we can control in our life is making time to care for ourselves through exercise. No more excuses that you don’t have time. There are so many programs out there now that only require a half hour a day. If you need help selecting one them please let me help you.

We are more sedentary then ever these days and it is our responsibility not to give in to that. Moving gets the heart rate up, improves your mood and makes your body feel a heck of a lot better and sexier. You know this already, but what is holding you back from being consistent? If you need help with accountability I can help. The accountability is what changed things for me. Once I got my health and fitness under control I watched my dreams, goals and career soar. Yours can too. Peace with your body will be worth thirty minutes a day. I promise!

Yoga or Meditate: I fought yoga for many years. I made excuses like I can’t sit still, I can’t settle my mind, I have too much energy when in fact I was just avoiding time with myself in a quiet and calming space. Adding yoga into my life has helped me reconnect with my body by learning to look in the mirror without judgment. We spend way too much time judging ourselves, which is keeping us from fully being present, and living a life we can honestly say we love.

So, imagine making peace with your body right now. What kind of influence would you have on others and how would your new attitude influence your confidence? Ready to make peace?

I am here to help you. If you would like additional support I offer coaching for those that want to take action. If I can do it so can you! Sign up for your FREE 30 Minute Coaching session.

Peace & Health,