You Want Me to Do What In These Heels?

How do we feel about sex? Do we cringe and think how our bodies are not what they used to be before kids. As a single mom you may not be ready to dive back into this after years of focusing on the kids. Do we worry our partners travel, work late, or they can't have sex because of fatigue? Are we afraid to express how we feel, because it may hurt his feelings? Do we feel embarrassed to share secret fantasies we have? Does it sometimes feel like just another chore on the to-do list? Is our new idea of sexy a man unloading the dishwasher? This is a complicated topic!

Let’s be honest, the female body is incredibly beautiful. As women, we have to stop judging ourselves. A woman who feels good about herself and projects confidence is very sexy. But, how do women tap into their inner diva after having children? Bring Sexy Back to your Life!

  1. GO Naked: Being naked can make you feel extremely vulnerable at first, but the more time you spend in the buff, the faster your inner sexiness will come out. Contrary to popular belief, some women tend to actually feel better about themselves when they’re naked because the sense of naturalness and freedom makes them feel sexy. Shaving the intimate area has also become more popular too.

  2. Affirmations: Repeating daily affirmations may sound ridiculous, but it can really work! Self-affirmations are used to counteract a negative belief you have about yourself. Choose a statement that is in the present tense, such as, “I am beautiful” or “I love myself inside and out.” Write the affirmation down on a piece of paper so you can better visualize it and repeat the statement at least 10 times early in the morning. After repeating your daily affirmations, you’ll start to notice that your negativity is being released, leaving more room for confidence and sexiness.

  3. Exercise to Sexy: This is the best ways you can feel sexy. The act of exercising itself is empowering and cathartic. Physical activity will give you the energy to work hard and accomplish your goals, which will make you feel good about yourself. You’ll also be stronger and more toned, and the positive changes in your body will translate to feeling secy again.

  4. Spice it Up: When you’re surrounded by a rich sensory environment, you’ll immediately feel more seductive. Indulge all of your senses. Make your environment (your house or bedroom) cozy and inviting. Paint your walls a warm color like reddish-orange and put up decorations that remind you of a great time in your life (such as your romantic honeymoon in Jamaica). Add great smelling candles to your environment.

  5. Chore-Play: Ask your man to sweep the kitchen floor, and you may well find yourself swept off your feet. That’s because pitching in together can spark passion. Splitting the household to-do list helps fend off the special kind of libido-killing exhaustion that stems from an unequal division of labor. Not only does this nonstop activity tire you out, when it’s your sole responsibility it can also tick you off, till you’re in no mood for any adult entertainment.

  6. Communication: Most men want to talk about sex and fantasies. Take a chance and tell your man what you like and think about it when it comes to your sexual desires.

Get out of our yoga pants and let's wear our heels more often!