Self Preservation Isn't Selfish

Self Preservation Isn't Selfish ! We all know being a busy mother is stressful and it takes a lot of energy. However, life becomes even more stressful when we ignore our own needs because we think we don’t have the time. Sometimes we abandon our own care to focus on others with the hope it will make us a better mother and somehow our kids will be happier.

Self-preservation is like the oxygen mask on an airplane. In the event of an emergency we must first put it on ourselves before we can best take care of others around us. The best we can do for our kids is to take care of ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When we feel healthy, chances are we will make better choices in all areas of our life. Studies show that people who regularly exercise and eat healthy handle stress better. God wants us to be healthy not just spiritually but also physically and mentally.

If we don’t take responsibility for our own self care, than we most likely will struggle taking care of everything else. The struggle shows up as weight gain, depression, stress, loss of energy, illness and more. Ask yourself if you are eating right, getting enough sleep and exercise. Are you setting appropriate boundaries with your kids and others who are demanding your time? What would have to change in your life in order for you to take better care of yourself? (Write down all your answers.)

Our kids need us to be healthy and happy. We are their most influential teacher and role model. Would we want them to feel stressed, overwhelmed, overweight or spiritually unfulfilled as adults? Of course not! So it is our job to teach them the value of self care so that they grow up with a healthy dose of self-respect. We are creating our legacy right now so let’s make it a healthy and happy one!

Talk to your kids today about self -preservation. Teach them by setting goals as a family on how each of you are going to all be responsible for self care. Your kids will thank you later for teaching them this when they are feeling healthy, happy and more fulfilled as young adults.

Do you want your kids to grow up to be happy adults or stressed out? Role model how adulthood can really be if we learn to take care of ourselves!

Join me this year in taking time for ourselves. Post pictures of your time on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK with the hashtag #beyondthebusstop so that we can follow each other's progress!