#Girlboss- Is it Your Calling

Many women who were once corporate success stories suddenly wanted to stay home and do the June Cleaver thing. I was that corporate driven woman who never even thought she would have kids let alone three of them. As each child arrived my need to stay home increased. I went from working full time to part time to quitting my job. I enjoyed being there for their first steps and taking them to music class and attending playgroups.

After four years of being a stay at home mom I knew I was going a little stir crazy. We all know there comes a time in motherhood when we just know it is time to go back to work. If you have been out of the work force for anytime you know it is hard to get back in it. Many mothers consider becoming their own boss with a home based business. But, how many are actually successful business owners? Becoming an entrepreneur is hard but, so is everything else in life. Is this your calling or is it time for you to go back to the office?

If you are like me and you don’t want to give up time with your kids commuting back and forth somewhere then being an entrepreneur can provide you with the best of both worlds. You get to be a mom and a business woman under the same roof with no commute or time away from your kids!

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? (This word scared me by the way when I first felt a calling to be one! You are not alone if you feel that way too.)

• Become passionate about a project or business you love and know you can achieve your goals.

• You need to do some hard business planning. Are you ready? And if not, what do you have to do to get ready?

• Find a problem you feel passionate about solving. Run your idea by a few people who know you well and whose business savvy you trust. Ask them to be brutally honest with you. Talk to your spouse about how much time and how much money you are both willing to commit to the idea.

• Most women do not set out to become a ‘momtrepreneur.’ This is just a result of following your passion. When we are passionate about something, we believe we can impact the world in a positive way. Those who strive to achieve financial success only often miss the big picture. Think of the rewards you want beyond just a paycheck. This will keep you going during the hard times.

• Meet other entrepreneurs in your community, on Facebook and Linked. Identify successful momtrepreneurs and follow their businesses.

• Find a mentor to guide you

• Spend time researching the investment required to build your own business

• Try to find a business partner - you'll work better with the support

• Explore and define your life goals.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a rare opportunity to align your career with your overall life goals. Ask yourself what is my purpose in life? What do you want people to say about you when you when they reflect back on your life?”

You may not be able to have it all, but if you want it badly enough you can certainly have two things: A healthy, growing company and a healthy, growing family. And don’t let fear or naysayers tell you otherwise. If you believe it; do it. The rest will work out. If you love what you do the money will follow. All it takes is persistence, determination and the desire to not give up on your dream. You can do this.

Time flies and your kids grown up and suddenly you become an empty nester -to-be like me. Start now exploring your options and don't be afraid to become the woman you always wanted to be. You have done a great job as a mother and it is good for everyone to take on something you will passionate about!

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