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What Women Are Saying About Suzy

Suzy Stauffer is my mentor, superstar TV production guru, Beyond the Bus Stop founder and my coach. I am so impressed with her leadership and I am so fortunate that I found her. Not only does she wear all of these hats, but what really inspires me is who she is for her FAMILY…an amazing mother, wife, sister and daughter. Suzy has helped me believe in myself and has mentored me to create my dream job and business as a health and fitness coach. I am living a better life and one that I love since she has come into my life. I left corporate America to pursue the career I am meant to have thanks to Suzy’s help.
— Lindsay Lombardi
Suzy has inspired me to go beyond the couch and take my life back. Thanks for showing me that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and don’t let go of your dreams. I was looking for something to wear to church and thought I would have to wear the same old pants, the only ones that fit. I pulled out a pair I have not been able to wear and years and they fit. Thank you for helping me get my life back by taking charge of it and doing what you asked me to do for myself. I am doing the happy dance in the mirror and I there is no stopping me now with your help and support.
— Christy Banks
Suzy has been a sister, friend, mentor, and motivator. She is gentle in her approach but yet wouldn’t let me make any excuses. Suzy found an answer to anything I would make an excuse for. In three years she has not once lost hope in me. She remained by my side when I needed it and let me on my own when she knew I was able. I could write for hours how much Suzy means to me. However to keep this short I will keep it simple. Suzy has not only helped me with my health she helped me find my voice. And, for the first time in five years I am feeling like a strong, confident, never take no for an answer woman. Thank you doesn’t even seem enough.
— Erin Van Belle